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Family : SAPOTACEAE (angiosperm)

Scientific name (s) : Tieghemella heckelii, Tieghemella africana

Log description
makoreDiameter: from 90 to 130 cm
Sapwood thickness: 4 to 8 cm
Buoyancy: buoyant
Physical properties
Density: 0.69
Monnin hardness: 4
Coefficient. Volume shrinkage: 0.48%
Total tangential shrinkage: 7.3%
Total radial shrinkage: 5.6%
Fiber saturation point: 28%
makore2Bridge (parts not in contact with ground or water)
Interior and exterior carpentry
Stairs (inside)
Light frame
Current furniture
Face and counter face of plywood
Sliced ​​veneer
Shipbuilding (plating and deck)
Luxury furniture
Shipbuilding (frame)
Plywood interior
Vehicle or container bottom

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